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ULEZ Checker: Find out if a vehicle meets ULEZ or LEZ emissions requirements

If you are considering buying a new car to drive in London then searching for a ULEZ checker is a good idea.

This is a crucial check for drivers who will be driving in and around London. ULEZ and LEZ checks are for the the Ultra Low Emissions Zone and Low Emissions Zones in London. If your vehicle does not meet the standards then you will have to pay a charge.

To check a vehicle based on the registration number, use this tool provided by TFL:

Check Vehicle Accident History Free

Buying a used car is a risky business and it is extremely important to do proper checks on a vehicle before you part with your cash. One pitfall when buying a used car is ending up with a car with a history of accidents that have damaged the car

However you can’t really check for things like vehicle accidents for free. This data is held by insurance companies and therefore the best way to get it is via a commercial car check such as the HPI check or another car history check